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Version Package Size URL Status
4.7 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 6.80 MB (ZIP) Download Link 1  (Ukraine)
Download Link 2  (USA)
Download Link 3  (Ukraine)
Trial, Shareware
Previous versions
Version Package Size URL Status
4.6 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 6.71 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware
4.5 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 6.64 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware
4.4 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 6.56 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware
4.3 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 6.26 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware
4.2 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 6.89 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware
4.1 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 5.81 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware
4.0 Setup Wizard (ZIP) 5.49 MB (ZIP) Download Trial, Shareware

Contest Log Checker Video Tutorials

# Description Size URL
1. How to convert a log from Cabrillo to ADIF format 991 KB (MP4) View
2. How to convert a log from ADIF to Cabrillo format 683 KB (MP4) View
3. How to convert a K1EA log to ADIF format 1.51 MB (MP4) View
4. How to check and repair a Cabrillo log 1.39 MB (MP4) View
5. How to check and repair Cabrillo QSO entries 1.28 MB (MP4) View
6. How to convert a Cabrillo Header to version 3.0 436 KB (MP4) View
7. How to calculate statistics 677 KB (MP4) View
8. How to create a Cabrillo log manually 1.02 MB (MP4) View
9. How to use Cabrillo Columns with Cabrillo Doctor to repair the log 842 KB (MP4) View
10. How to use Replace, Align and Trim Columns, and Convert Serial numbers 1.91 MB (MP4) View
11. How to Align Columns in a Cabrillo log 1.70 MB (MP4) View
12. How to use Duplicate and Unite Columns features 805 KB (MP4) View
13. How to Insert Column in Cabrillo file and Trim Lines 1.26 MB (MP4) View
14. How to prepare and convert ARRL Sweepstakes log from ADIF to Cabrillo 3.39 MB (MP4) View
  Download all tutorials as a single package 20.6 MB / 17.0 MB MP4     SWF
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